How to fight Aging using 7 ingredients in your Kitchen

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Did you know that there are powerful clinically proven Anti Aging, Anti viral, Collagen regenerating, hair growth and repair remedies hiding in your kitchen? Here we discuss the 7 most powerful, proven remedies for health wellness and beauty that have been under our noses (literally) all along.

The above remedies have over 60 clinical studies combined, proving their Anti Aging, health, beauty and healing properties. Many of these ingredients are used in pharmaceuticals due to their healing power.

List of Anti Aging, Hair Growth, Collagen regenerating ingredients:

1) Black Seed Oil: 300 clincial studies proving it's anti viral, anti aging, anti bacterial properties along with proven hair growth, skin repair, collagen regenerating and Anti Aging on a cellular level. Google 'Black seed oil clinical studies' if you would like to see the research for yourself.

2) Rose Oil: 20 cinical studies proving it's anti aging properties. Rose oil is often put in Jojoba oil as a carrier that allows the turpines in the rose oil to penetrate the skin and blood stream more effectively. Jojoba oil is bio identical to the skins natural sebum/ oils so the skin recognizes it and absorbs it quickly.

3) Baking Soda: Dr. Sircus and Dr. Simonichi have used baking soda water to fight cancer with clinically proven results. The combination of baking soda and water, creates Oxygen reactions in the body that kill most virus, bacteria, fungus and cancers. Many models use baking soda and water as their weekly facial cleansing as it is clinically proven to kill acne bacteria, heal acne wounds, repair collagen and infuse skin with oxygen that stimulates cellular regeneration.

4) Grapefruit Extract/ Essential Oil: Grapefruit is a clinically proven anti fungal. Most hair loss is caused by invisible fungal infections and most hair growth drugs including Zinc used in Head and Shoulder to kill dandruff, also cause hair growth due to killing the fungus and bacteria that cause dandruff and hair loss.

5) Aloe: Did you know that aloe has been used by Egyptians for thousands of years to increase beauty, fight aging and repair the skin and internal health issues? Eating aloe and using it topically is clinically proven to fight aging, fight disease, fight cancer and promote cellular regeneration while plumping tightening and firming the skin from the inside out as well as the outside in, through forcing water/ moisture into the cells.

6) Activated Charcoal: One of the most powerful binders of heavy metals, toxins, candida, fungus, mold, virus and bacteria that cause weight gain, hair loss and aging. When healing the body it is important to detox with a binder since the body is unable to detox and eliminate heavy metals and many mold and candida strains on it's own without help. Charcoal is used in hospitals to bind poison ingested by children and adults and is clinically proven.

7) Coconut Oil: Did you know that coconut oil is rich in Vitamin D and hundreds of anti fungal anti aging compounds clinically proven to fight aging? When used on the skin, Coconut oil can provide anti aging, skin firming and healing benefits.

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