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LECLAIRE BOTANICALS was born from of people, love of nature and love of healthy ingredients.  As a 12 year cosmetic product developer, holistic health researcher, TV Shopping host and busy single mama of two, Victoria found her passion in creating healing, magical (yet clinically proven) plant and crystal based products that gave men and women instant and long term beauty wellness results for Collagen repair, skin repair and hair growth and repair... fast.

After a 4 month hospitalization, and suffering massive hair loss and breakouts, Victoria's research on the power of plants, helped save her life as well as her skin & hair. She then dedicated her life to research, partnering with world renown Doctors, Chemist & Holistic Health Practitioners, creating holistic, botanical, efficacious personal care, beauty and health products.


The intention for LeClaire Botanicals is to create products that help people feel good about themselves, look beautiful and repair damage, while also giving instant results using plant based, vegan, natural ingredients that happen to give better results!

We specialize in natural clinically proven skin care, wellness, hair growth oil, hair growth shampoo, anti hair loss shampoo, hair growth conditioner and hair repair conditioners as well as youth renewal anti aging plant based skincare with clinically proven ingredients in the highest concentrations legally allowed.


We appreciate you joining our family and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing your results! 10% Of all profits are donated to Our Rescue, Plant With Purpose and the OC Child Abuse Prevention Center whom we gratefully support.

 We appreciate you, here is to happy healthy skin, hair and life...Thank you!


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-Victoria Elizabeth Kinney

“As love grows within you so beauty grows for love is the beauty of the soul"- St. Augustine

EVINE TV Victoria LeClear Product Develo
EVINE TV Victoria LeClear Product Develo
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